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Luna Lovegood - Dottiness

"I think they think I'm a bit odd, you know."

Luna Lovegood
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Hello. I'm Luna Lovegood. 5th year student in the Ravenclaw house. My father's the editor of The Quibbler.

( [OOC] I just need to make a note about the AIM s/n. I'm usually not on that name, so if you wish to rp a scene or story that is going to involve Luna, please IM me at AvalonShikaro. then I'll switch. Just wanted to let you know ^_^ [/OOC] )

( OOC Note: Some of the icons I use were made by people on hp_novel_icons. The s/n of the creator is credited next to the icons. Just wanted to let give them credit ^_^() )